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There was a time when I tried to keep the information here updated and since I was in the business, it was a routine thing for me to do.After twenty plus years in the computer-high technology sector I left that life far behind to spend my days working as a contractor, a life long hobby and the love of my life.I am totally fulfilled conceiving, planning and building additions, garages, remodeling.

I own and manage a double handful of rental houses and am a certified and licensed homebuilder in the great state of Alabama.I enjoy the pace of the work, the various problems that arise and finding creative solutions that meet the needs of my customers, who; for the most part have become my best friends.While my income may have taken a down turn form the fast paced computer world, I have never been happier.

Unlike most of my peers, I try not to spend too much time in the truck.Instead, I take a hand-on approach to my projects.We have a highly talented small crew, who all love to work as much as the boss and we take turns acting as foreman and assistant.We also have a superior group of sub-contractors who assist us from time to time.

We build and remodel homes, additions, garages and just about anything people live in.We have built several unique decks.And quite a few small ones.†† And, we do repairs, both small and large.Our larges addition to date has been about 2,500 square feet and as small as 100 square feet.††

Many of our project include ceramic tile as we absolutely love to build glamour bathrooms.I personally have a large bathroom and I can tell you from experience, if you are going to pay that mortgage every month,a great bathroom will touch your life everyday.

We offer free estimates and our prices are reasonable and justifiable.Donít hesitate to give us a call to quote on your next project.

We Love to Work!


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